From the time I picked up my first crayon, I desired to be an artist. I spent my childhood dancing, drawing, designing holiday items, greeting cards for family members, and creating collages using fashion, travel, and lifestyle magazines. Surrounded by my Sicilian family during Thanksgiving, my Aunt asks me what I want for Christmas. My response as a two-year-old was “a thing of paint and a nice doll.Many years later, frequently reminded by the memory - thanks to my cousins, my response would linger into my career and spark a wild interest in all things related to the Arts. A Thing of Paint now refers to the name of my portfolio work with more to come in 2021.
After graduating from Mount Ida College in 2007 with a Graphic Design degree, I started my career in publishing (my goal industry) alongside working on freelance projects designing logos and website concepts for small businesses and non-profit organizations. While working with some of the best publishing companies, a recession was growing larger. The impact embraced me into an unknown career path full of unexpected industries plus a journey full of new skills and opportunities while working with a diverse group of teams and management. Over time, I creatively reconstructed my career and continuously connected the dots. 
Interest in photography increased while creating print and web projects and editing photographs for clients and small businesses. Between 2014 - 2016 collection of locations started after a 2014 meeting that left me with new inspiration to show off other works of art. Collections include IschiaBostonNew York Citythe Caribbean, and a few of my favorite things. In 2019, I had the opportunity to photograph two book signing events during the 6th Annual Boston Design Week.
For more than twelve years, I utilized my skills for a variety of industries: Travel  Marketing  Non-Profit ✪ Real Estate  Law  Fashion  Entertainment. I have had advertisements published for companies I worked for in Boston Magazine, Improper Bostonian, The New York Times, Boston Homes, The Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, Boston Fashion Week website,, and
A rediscovery of creativity in 2020 quickly restarted - new designs, painting collections(soon to be seen), and writing articles all in the works for 2021. Follow along on Instagram and LinkedIn for updates.
college projects
College Projects
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." Pablo Picasso​​​​​​​
past projects
Projects from 2017 - 2019
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