As an In-House graphic designer at CL Properties, I created real estate marketing materials and advertisements during my two years. The following projects were all seen throughout several printed and online publications.
CL Properties web banners

Designed web banners advertising new properties on

CL Properties booklet

CL Properties Booklet of sold properties presented during Listing Presentations. Created booklet base off an idea from Senior Vice President of CL Properties.

CL Properties homepage

Updated active listings content and photographs on CL Properties Homepage. 

CL Properties advertisements
Boston Magazine June 2017 - Advertisement in Boston Magazine featuring a property at The InterContinental.
CL Properties Boston Magazine

Boston Magazine May 2016 - Advertisement in Boston Magazine featuring top properties on The Waterfront.

CL Properties email

Created email newsletter and postcard advertising a unique listing - a Boat Slip at Battery Wharf. 

Results on Boat Slip: Listing was sold to client in Florida days after newsletter and postcard were sent out. Idea of creation of the project came from Vice President of CL Properties.

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