Collaborate with a Web Developer to create user interface designs for fundraising website, Yoga Warriors Fighting Cancer, for clients’ family and friends to purchase items and raise money for cancer​​​​​​​.

I have used Stephanie's service on multiple occasion's to put together mockups for website. She has a great quality of work and her turn-around time is exceptional. - Christopher Grandoit, Web Developer

During my years working at publishing companies, I took on web development projects with Christopher Grandoit, a web developer in Boston. I produced mockups to redesign websites to increase and gain revenue for Nova Sales Associates and Splash Sales. See below for concepts. 

Nova Sales Associates wanted a new website design. 

Results: Produced website concepts to showcase a new appearance using NSA branding colors

Splash Sales wanted a new design to improve their Lines & Manufacturers page 

Results: Built concepts to showcase an easier, organized and fresh layout of Lines & Manufacturers Page

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