I’m Stephanie Tinnirello. Graphic Designer based in Boston, Massachusetts originally from Medford, Massachusetts. Since I picked up my first crayon as a child, my desire was to be an artist. During the holidays surrounded by my large Italian family I was asked by my Aunt, want I wanted for Christmas. At 2 years old my response was “a thing of paint and a doll”. Many years later, frequently reminded by the memory, this response would linger into my career and spark a wild interest of all things in the Art industry.
I started my career in publishing in 2007 and have utilized my design skills over 10 years in a variety of industries: ✪ Publishing Travel Marketing Non-Profit Real Estate Law
After years behind my MAC creating marketing materials and editing photographs for various clients and businesses, my interest in photography grew as much as my love for design. All started in 2014 while traveling to Ischia, Italy for a family trip meeting family I never met before. Two years later I moved to Boston with a new vision to explore the city and snap as many experiences as I could. Now I have a collection of different experiences in Boston, New York City, and the Caribbean. Currently, I use my photographs and illustrations to create custom greeting cards. In 2019, I had the opportunity to photograph events during the Boston Design Week 2019.
Dedicated to creating lasting impressions with my love of color and art.
Industries: Entertainment Travel Food & Drink Non-profit Art Fashion
Interest: Design Branding Social Media Photography All mediums of ART
Available for freelance work or collaborating opportunities.